🚫HOW TO STOP MAN CITY'S QUADRUPLE!🚫 Feat Klopp, Mourinho, Solskjaer, Tuchel & more!

Publisert 1. mars. 2021
Man City look unstoppable - or are they? The Premier League's top bosses comes together to stop the quadruple!
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  • It ended up being chrlsea who knocked them out of the fa cup.

  • Chesea crushed their dream of fa cup and MIGHT for ucl

  • 3:09 Cancelo, Gundo and Mahrez are smiling

  • Did anyone see klopps hat change colour at the very start of the video

  • “#speacalistinfailure”

  • Dean: gives Tuchel one throwaway line Tuchel: proceeds to knock City out of FA cup and possibly UCL Dean: O.o

  • Easy way to do it: make Thomas tuchel manager For every game

  • It’s already off no fa cup thanks tuchel

  • 0:01 look at Klopps headwear

  • Who?

  • idk why everyone hates the man city jacket it doesnt look bad


  • Chelsea should just beat them single handed

  • Chelsea alone stop them 😌

    • @Harry Kane how are we chelshit we are in final of champions and facup and TOP4 OF PREMIER LEAGUE

    • ???? Chelshit is nothing

  • How to stop Man City winnign the Quadruple? simple leave it to CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!

    • @Harry Kane Just cus Tottenham couldn't stop Man city lifting the trophy doesn't mean Chelsea will fail. Chelsea already stopped Man city lifting one trophy at least by beating them in the semis and now they have a chance to beat them again in the final of the champions league. So yeah I repeat leave it to CHELSEA!!!!! LOL

    • Nope

  • Well they didnt win the fa cup😅

  • Now it's up to Tuchel to stop them from winning a treble as well

  • 442oons predict the future, he said a invitation for a pre champions league final and now City is on the final wtf 5:23

  • They might get the treble, though!


  • As a Chelsea fan I’m glad that Chelsea were the ones to stop them.

  • we stopped it

  • Finally Everton are given respect

  • anyone else notice how at the end Jose’s keyboard is backwards?

  • KICK mikel AND wenger, Klopp!

  • Chelsea have deneied them fa cup and will also beat them at istanbul... 💙

  • ;)

  • Well, the quadruple is off now, so..

  • Only Chelsea stopped them

  • Man City no fa cup Premier League champions Carver Bancorp champions Champions League champions

  • Who’s here after man city won carabao cup

  • who's here after carabao cup final?without Special one, spurs didn't beat city

  • You know Everton are so bad they half to make Chelsea beat city

  • Wenger is back 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Is possible, they won't even win treble

  • So 442oons predicted Sir Alex Ferguson coming back to football

  • Mancity are going to win the Premier League, Champions League and community shield

  • I wonder what Pep will say if Man City go to UCL final and meet Chelsea then Tuchel beat him again, Pep will say "twice, twice" Lol, now Chelsea will meet Man City in final.

    • Yep and they just lost twice before the final 😂😂

  • Blues like us we've ended pep's quadruple run!

  • They can’t win the champions league and FA cup but the premier league it’s a gg

    • @Hi I’m Somebody no because they play psg in the champions league and the premier league idk

    • I mean you never know for the treble champions league, efl cup, premier league

  • 5 ways to stop man united

  • Who's here after City bottled the FA Cup semi final to Chelsea?

    • Yeah sterling and jesus😂

  • Mission accomplished, well done managers

  • whos here after Jose's sacking?

  • Invent the European super league

  • Or we could just make this pathetic super league and City will be kicked so West Ham win the league.

  • Start the European suppa leauge that's how you stop them

  • Whos here after Chelsea stopped man citys quadraple in the fa cup

  • Mission succeed I guess

  • Why Jurgens Cap switch his colour

  • Tuchel is the first to stop him

  • Who is here after that tuchel masterclass😂😂

  • Chelski stopped the quadruple! 😂🥳 All the managers are having a zoom party 😂

  • Champions League Premier League *-Fa Cup-* League Cup

  • Who is here after tuchel masterclass

  • Who is here after Chelsea knocked out man city?😂

  • chelsea did its job

  • And Tuchel personally kicked him out of the FA Cup...


  • How to stop city's quadruple? Werner and ziyech

  • Who's here after Chelsea 1 Man City 0 in the FA Cup?

  • Who’s here after my favorite team (Chelsea) stopped man city from Wining the quadruple

  • who's here after chelsea beat mansalty? Mission no.1 accomplished

  • Who’s here after 1-0 Chelsea

  • chelsea destroyed man city

  • Who is Here after Chelsea beat them in Semis of FA Cup?

  • Who's here after Tuchel's boys have actually stopped Man City from winning the quadruple ? 😁

  • Mission accomplished FA cup Result Chelsea 1 - 0 City, Quadruple Gone 👋🏻

  • No quads for city

  • You tube recommend me this video after chelsea win😂

  • chelsea did it

  • TT I ll knock them out of FA cup

  • Who’s here after Chelsea stopped the quadruple?

  • Well Good Job Chelsea, Tottenham and PSG, it now on you to stop them the the next 2

  • Anyone here after Chelsea beat them in the FA Cup

  • Man City impossible to stop us wing win the quadruple Chelsea hold my beer 🍺 Man City 0-1 Chelsea

  • at least this video has had some use

  • One part is finshed😂😂

  • Who's here are Chelsea beat Man City to stop their quadruple? COYB

    • And there’s a chance they might beat them in the champions league final

    • @irfan simamora yeah but that’s in summer and I don’t count that as a trophy

    • There's one more FA Comunty Shield

    • @Harvey D #SubwayTunaIsReal me to

    • @DC Yankee :)

  • Chelsea has done One

  • Who Here After Chelsea Beat Man City In FA Cup Semifinal

  • Who’s here after chelsea beat man city in bye fa cup

  • Anyone here after Chelsea stopped the QUADRUPLE today.

  • Who is here after city lost to Chelsea?

  • COYB

  • They lost in the FA Cup Dean Hah

  • Who is here when Chelsea knocked Man City out of the FA Cup?

  • Who’s here after city are out the Fa cup 😂

  • No quadruple dam

  • Chelsea did it

  • Who’s here 4 mins before Chelsea knock them out of the FA Cup?

  • Fight oil with oil: PSG beats them

  • nobody can stop man city

  • And what are Mikel arteta, Arsene Wenger and ancelotti doing there - it should be the top managers

  • Boom call

  • I will be here when they win all four, everytime

    • @El Huevo Ninja im you know that in 2021 Chelsea has 30 clean sheets more than any other team so Chelsea’s defence is the best in the world right now

    • @ItsChris just like your team defence compared to wycombe wanders defence

    • @El Huevo Ninja worse

    • @ItsChris I am a liverpool fan sucker

    • Repeat yourself again ,because there some damage tuchel caused you when you lost to chelsea

  • Why am I not surprised that they use Boom to talk

  • Proper funny klopp lol 😂

  • Dam u Jose lol 😂

  • 0:02