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  • This aged well 😂

  • Thierry Henry was telling lukaku to stop scoring because his money is on mbappe to win the golden boot.

  • God bless you 442oons, you showed loads of humanity and being good people. As for Christian Erikson, God bless and get well soon.

  • But Cristiano Ronaldo got 5 Champions League ( 1 mun 4 real )

  • God bless you 442oons, this is really next level stuff!

  • The ref didn’t give Barcelona a pen and he and he cheated against Barca so stop it salty chealse fans

  • should of animated finland scoring and not celebrating

  • Drinkwater s flip is the best

  • It's a shame, but please put our normal Turkish players or I will let you know 

  • Thank God Eriksen is fine now🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  • Still gotta respect finland even though denamark sufferred a lot

  • do one for Copa America

  • 😢

  • My respect for 442oons 📈📈📈📈📈

  • Anyone still here in 2021?

  • Ddodkkdd

  • 0:39 lukaku doesn't has the beard 0:56 lukaku has the beard

  • I'm quite sure that this video is the first 442oons Messi appearance

  • Suomi Perkele!

  • When will the new who won the leauge video come???

  • We play shit

  • Please CARLO ANCOLETTI 1st DAY AT REAL MADRID you can do it i believe you pls

  • Please SERGIO AGUERO 1st DAY AT BARCELONA Please make

  • 0:25 neymar screaming in background

  • Turks complaining on here reminds me of the mexicans building shitstorm at top gear a decade ago,some countries really need to take a joke,should i be offended that he put a slice of pizza on my national flag?! Or that he put hysteric screams at my national anthem?its all a joke for entertainment,turks are insecure imo

    • Ok we still don't laugh. We know Europe very well.

  • Müller should be 99

  • I was surprised when i saw turkey players are replaced with real turkey birds animation in this video, i felt that is not right to make fun of the country and the players like that even for a joke, will anyone like it if that happen to their own country that make fun like that, sorry Turkey i think you will do better next time round🤔😎 I am not from Turkey and i am surprised see Turkey treated like this in this video🤨

    • @The Specialist I hope...

    • @desire 2020 No problem, hopefully your team🇹🇷 will be better next time round🤔😎

    • Thank you so much 🙏😔

  • 1:13

  • Brazil x Venezuela copa América 442oons

  • England: _IT'S COMING HOME!_ Croatia: *_Oh hello there._*

  • celebrate full time 4-2


  • 0:47

  • On This Day. Hopefully Season 3 starts soon.

  • Survive Eriksen 🙏🙏🙏